About the Author

Content on this site is curated by Rebekah A. Canada.

Rebekah Canada fell in love with genealogy when she was seven. It began with a family history written by one of her maternal cousins. Over the months and many bags of pogan ginger cookies, she fell in love with the women of Colonial New England. While working on her undergraduate degree, she began researching the other branches of her family.

Along the way, she discovered DNA testing. She soon found herself in the middle of project administration and the need for clear explanations of tests and results. By the time she received her B.S. in Computer Information Systems, she was far more interested in genetic code than computer code.

Her current interests include: her personal genealogy, minority population heritage, personal genomics education, and project administration best practices.

Additional information about Rebekah and her work is on the rebekahcanada.com website.